Commercial Profile

Carritec is an engaged, custom fixture, furniture and millwork provider that works actively with clients to reinforce their brand through innovative designs and concepts while maintaining practicality and performance.

We bring unparalleled engineering and manufacturing capabilities to a vast range of innovative product lines by mixing materials, patterns and finishes, creating unrivalled opportunities for cohesive design.

Carritec provides manufacturing services within a framework that understands the end-user’s requirements while offering cost-effective manufacturing solutions.



Manufacturing Excellence – To bring our customers’ projects to life and satisfy all their requirements, we make use of the most current manufacturing practices and cutting-edge equipment, including:

Project Managers – Carritec assigns a Product Manager to each customer to champion that specific project at weekly production meetings and oversee the schedule from engineering to production as planned. These managers ensure that clients have instant access to information pertaining to their order and that it is given the attention it deserves.

Lean Manufacturing – Carritec operates according to the principles of lean manufacturing, resulting in flexibility, lowered costs and on-time delivery for our clients.

Finishing, Assembly & Integration – Carritec has a complete in-house coating application facility as well as close partnerships with external speciality coaters. Our extensive assembly expertise includes mechanical and electrical integration.

State-of-the-Art Facility, Equipment
– Our dynamic, large-scale plant (118,000 square feet) is equipped with the world’s finest technology and we use only highest-quality materials. Our facility is extremely versatile, using every tool available on the market to meet customer expectations, no matter the size or scope of the project.

Quality Assurance – Quality is a fundamental part of Carritec Industrial’s commitment to excellence. Quality management encompasses every facet of the organization. From management to office and factory personnel, every employee at Carritec understands that quality is not an attribute inspected into a product but an essential process built into each manufactured product.

Maximize your investment by producing unique and artistic furniture and accessories to give your project great character.