Contract Manufacturing Service

Carritec provides contract manufacturing services within a framework that understands the end-user’s requirements while offering cost-effective manufacturing solutions. These services include: Product Development, Value Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence.

Product Development
– Both internally and through partnerships, Carritec provides a complete framework for product development that views the manufactured component with the end use in mind. Carritec assists clients with all or part of the product development process, and brings its in-house expertise to every project.

Value Engineering – By gaining a full understanding of every product’s intended use and its relation to other components, Carritec applies the principles of value engineering in full confidence. This discipline reflects Carritec’s in-depth understanding of metal fabrication and the implications of various design characteristics on product manufacturability. Products are evaluated to determine ways in which the design may be altered to improve manufacturability without compromising structural integrity, function or aesthetic attributes. Value engineering at Carritec minimizes the need for multiple pre-production iterations, and often results in:
- Cost savings
- Lower quality risks
- Favourable lead times
- Improved product performance

Manufacturing Excellence
– Carritec fabricates precision parts for industries as diverse as transportation, advertising media, telecom, construction and signs. Carritec makes use of the most current manufacturing practices and cutting-edge equipment to bring products to life. These include:

Project Managers
– Carritec assigns a Product Manager to each customer to champion that person’s project at weekly production meetings and oversee the schedule from engineering to production as planned. These managers ensure that clients have instant access to information pertaining to their order and that it is given the attention it deserves.

Lean Manufacturing
– Carritec operates according to the principles of lean manufacturing, resulting in flexibility, lowered costs and on-time delivery for our clients.

Finishing, Assembly & Integration
– Carritec has a complete in-house coating application facility as well as close partnerships with external speciality coaters. Our extensive assembly expertise includes mechanical and electrical integration.

State-of-the-Art Facility, Equipment
– Carritec operates from a modern 118,000-square-foot facility that is equipped with the world’s finest technology, enabling us to preserve tight tolerances and produce extreme precision for each manufactured component. Our state-of-the art software and equipment enables our workers to produce top-quality craftsmanship.  And our on-going training programs create continuous improvement in our employees’ professional growth.

Quality Assurance
– Quality is an essential part of Carritec Industrial’s commitment to excellence. Quality management encompasses every facet of the organization. From management to office and factory personnel, every employee at Carritec understands that quality is not an attribute inspected into a product but a fundamental process built into each manufactured product.

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Carritec provides contract manufacturing services within a framework that seeks to understand the end-user’s requirements while offering cost effective manufacturing solutions. These services include: Product Development, Value Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence.....

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As part of our comitment to the planet, Carritec products are created by hydroelectric energy and recycled material...




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